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deducting | thinking

December 2011



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Dec. 12th, 2011

casual | comment

Mystery 001 [Video]

It's to my understanding we were brought here by a coral. [Which he still doesn't believe by the way.]

And the locals insist on doing everything. [Well. Almost everything.] Christmas is coming up and everyone seems to in the holiday spirits.

This must be a common question by now for some of you, but what is there to do?

Nov. 25th, 2011

casual | comment

Vatheon Application

Can't do this.Collapse )

Oct. 23rd, 2011

astounded | no way

PMD Application

=== Player Information ===
Name/Nick: Aster
Journal: firemirage
Method of Contact: firemirageaster [at] aol / Plurk
Current Characters: N/A

=== Character Information ===
Name: Kogoro Mouri
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Fandom: Detective Conan
Time period: File 393 - "The Luring Red Horse"

Pokemon: Prinlup
Distinguishing Characteristics: Rather than blue eyes, they would be black as well as smaller. Additionally, there will be a red tie around the neck (since Kogoro generally almost always wears suits)
Explanation: Which is partly why he'll be a penguin pokemon. A second evolution signifying growth, and maturity. Though not quite fully developed despite being a fully grown adult. Prinlups are stated to have a high sense of pride, and that happens to be one of Kogoro's personality trait. Thanks to Conan, he's under the impression he's one of the best detectives around.

History: Wikia
Kogoro's most obvious trait is his unusual sense of pride. It wasn't always like this, but since adopting Conan into the Mouri residence, more people started to come to him for help. Whether it be to find a lost person, or figure out who murdered their beloved. Kogoro gets a lot of commissions for cases he often never solves. Little to everyone's knowledge it's actually Conan. However, Kogoro isn't entirely unaware of this. In some cases he actually does believe he solves things, but in actuality he hasn't the slightest idea how or why it happens. Because this is secretive, he's under the impression that it's actually his doing. Now the fame has gone to his head, but luckily it doesn't dictate every waking moment of his life. However, it does pose to be a problem every so often.
He's not what one would call "best in the business" due to his slow nature and recurring false accusations. Unfortunately because of the nature of the series, he's not the smartest detective, and it has not yet been proven if there is one worse than him. He may be not equipped, but he's not terrible. When the case holds sentimental value and he has something to lose, Kogoro inexplicably becomes efficient. His willingness to protect his family is at the top of his priorities and there's nothing he wont do to see to it that it happens.

He's not necessarily a bad guy- in fact, he has great intentions. The fact that he became a detective to solve mysteries and put criminals behind bars is admirable. The only thing is, he has his priorities out-of-order. Like most typical men, Kogoro thinks more so with his smaller head than his larger one. His weakness for an attractive woman is transparent and almost pitiful. This also means he'll be willing to help them more than the nest person and makes him more vulnerable to being deceived by them. Kogoro will also base their innocence or inability to commit a crime based on their looks and surface level feelings alone.

All is fun and games until someone gets hurt. Just as easily as he can spring into fun; he can also spring into a serious mood to match the situation. While he can throw a crude humorous comment or two depending on the murder, he often doesn't mean it and he genuinely does his best to get to the root of it. He's protective of the people he loves, in this case it falls mostly on his daughter, Ran. In his eyes, she means the world to him. Even though his wife left him, he still has feelings for her too and would just as readily jump in to save her as he would for Ran.

He's not all business. Kogoro knows how to have a good time. Usually his idea of a good time involve some booze, maybe some decent entertainment. Occasionally in the company of others. Being a rather famous detective allows him many invites to various outings. People offer him much to eat and drink at times as well. When you manage to achieve being on his good side, he's quite the friend to hang out with. Kogoro is known for having very low tolerance and little to no patience though. This trait becomes obvious when around Conan in particular. He may not be abusive, but he does use physical force to add measure to his words. When Conan gets in the way, he'll either hit the kid, toss him out of the room or a combination thereof.

Like everyone, Kogoro has his downfalls. In his case it happens to be minor phobia. He generally avoids heights when possible, but it isn't totally detrimental to his job and how he preforms. Usually when such a thing occurs he simply freezes up. How he came to develop this phobia has not yet been explained, but given he doesn't travel very high often. It's usually not a big deal. Additionally, this why allowing him to be a flying-type pokemon is out of the question.

=== Samples: ===
First Person:
1) You discover a secret passage in a basement. What do you do?
Naturally I would investigate it. It's not every day you encounter a hidden passage. it was obstructed from sight for one reason or another. It might even be trying to hide something.

2) Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens from another planet?
Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing as aliens or life outside of planet Earth. Criminals try to pull this stunt all the time.

3) Would you feel comfortable stating your opinion to a very important person?
I do it all the time. As a detective I base my opinions off of facts, and if I feel it's important enough to mention. I will. It doesn't matter if they're close to me or not.

4) Do you like to do things according to plan?
It makes things more convenient when they do, but I've learn to expect the latter if it happens.

5) Do you think that lies are sometimes necessary?
Absolutely. Sometimes lies make it possible to discover the truth.

Third Person:
This was definitely not what he was expecting when he woke up from his slumber. Yes he drinks a lot, but not enough to delude himself with such confusion! Kogoro flailed helplessly with his long blue fins as he tried to get a grasp of his current situation. He was completely unaware of how to go about this, and he wasn't sure if he was still dreaming. After enough time passed for him to calm down, he began to think. It was the only logical thing to do.

It was time to assess his current situation. If he wasn't dreaming, than what was going on now? Was it a type of drug or completely suggestive? No matter how much physical strain he put on his body, it never changed, and it was more real than he was willing to accept at the moment. Additionally, his surroundings were completely foreign and brighter than usual. It looked like something out of a cartoon if he had to describe it. To make matters worse, there were unfamiliar animals in the surrounding area. Kogoro was almost certain they could be from a cartoon. Which only brought him back to his original conclusion of this reality being false. No one he knew was in sight, and if they were, he was unaware if they were affected to. Kogoro knew he wouldn't be able to recognize them unless they had a unique physical trait.

The detective sighed in exhaustion. He just woke up and already things were far more complicated than they needed to be. He couldn't even fathom who the hell would be behind his. The lawyer before this was convincing all in her own. Maybe if he could just find a clue, then things would start to fall together for him. It was up to him now!